El Observatorio participa en el AMBER & Dam Removal Europe seminar and field visit

The second day we visited the Cofio River to see the result of the restoration after the demolition of the Robledo de Chavela dam and understand first-hand the details of the demolition of the dam and the problems that technicians face when implementing these type of projects. The tour was guided by Montaña Cepa from the Confederación Hidrográfica del Tajo, River Basin Authority in charge of the works. The Robledo de Chavela dam, 22.7 meters high, is the highest demolished dam in Spain: https://damremoval.eu/portfolio/robledo-de-chavela/. We also visited the bypass built in Valdemaqueda, also in the Cofio River. One of the existing solutions to mitigate the problem posed by barriers in use is the construction of fish passes. We were explained the importance of evaluating the need and also the effectiveness of these devices once they are built.

AMBER & Dam Removal Europe (16 y 17 de abril de 2018)

The first European smartphone application that lets you track barriers in rivers: